About The Sunday Whisky Society

Thanks for stopping by! As I explore single malts further, I thought I would document & share my journey. And if anyone decides to join me of a Sunday evening, well that’s just grand. There is nothing formal about the society, in fact ‘the society’ is simply a collective for anyone who is enjoying a dram on a Sunday, and sometimes other evenings.

I will be organising a meet-up once a month (usually in London), on a Sunday evening (there’s a surprise!), at a different venue – simply to enjoy a dram with others who love whisky. On the other Sundays we’re on twitter appreciating drams from the comfort of a sofa and you’ll catch us on #sws.

Why ‘Sunday’? Well, for me, single malts are savoured. From nose to finish through every sip, a single malt is worth wasting some time with. Particularly on a Sunday evening when the weekend is over and a new week is almost upon you – it’s the perfect night for just a dram (or two) of something that can be enjoyed and deconstructed slowly.  If you want to know more, I wrote a post about why I started The Sunday Whisky Society here.

You can contact me on sundaywhiskysociety{at}gmail{dot}{com} or find me on twitter: @SWhiskySociety

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